Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Explore: Sign up!

I learned about the My Explore program from posters in my high school. I was intrigued by the idea of it and wanted to join but was nervous to.

My Explore is a five week French-language (or English depending on where in Canada you're from) bursary program by the Canadian government which grants a $2000 bursary to participants to study in different parts of the country. The money covers tuition, instructional materials, meals and accommodation! But there's one catch, participants must speak in the language of their tuition the ENTIRE duration of the five weeks or else they're sent home.

I've always wanted to continue my French studies after high school (I took IB French) but didn't want to risk my GPA to take it in university, so My Explore seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I signed up for it I believe near the end of 2011. Since there is a limited number of spots available, a lottery was held on March 30, 2012. This is the thing that is inconvenient about My Explore because the summer session is from July 3 to August 4, 2012 and I planned my summer around the fact that I would be going. So if I didn't get in then it would be a great disappointment.

I remember being on Facebook when I saw another girl's status saying she was accepted into My Explore  and I hurriedly went on the website to check my own status. I was accepted!! I think it also helps that I'm from the West coast since I believe there is a set number of people picked from each province, so people from more populated provinces like Ontario would have a slimmer chance.

Anywho, I will be doing the Explore program at...LAVAL UNIVERSITY!
I've been to Quebec City twice but I've never been to the campus so I have no idea what it will be like.
I will probably be blogging about my experience while I'm there and hopefully it will be a positive one so that I can recommend it for everyone who was nervous to join like me.

Pavillon Palasis-Prince
Not to mention that I will be able to get 6 (I think) transfer credits back to my university from this program. Although they will count as elective credits I think they still count for something especially with the expensive tuition per credit these days...

Oh and since the lottery results have been released, Facebook groups have sprung up for many of the Explore programs based on location. I've been able to talk about Explore with some of the people I will be meeting this summer in the Laval group. Technology is great!
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