Monday, 2 July 2012

Arrival to Université Laval

I flew from Vancouver to Montreal then another short flight to Quebec City. When the Vancouver-Montreal plane took off I felt so lucky because I had three whole seats to myself! Nobody was sitting in my row, so I could hog it all. Nice start to my 5 weeks :)
                                                                             YVR Airport

I landed at YQB airport at 7:30am which was the first flight of the day on the Jazz plane. 

Flight from Montreal to Quebec City
I took a taxi to  Université Laval right to Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent. The help desk there was kind of confusing because people just walked right up to the desk and start asking questions in French instead of lining up like I was. Eventually I got help and was given keys to my room. I was given a laundry card, a residence key, two room keys, and lock combinations to my mail box and pantry cabinet in the basement. I'm staying at Pavillon Agathe-Lacerte which is on the other side of campus. Somehow I lugged my 23kg luggage through campus and a park to get to the building.

The rooms were about the size I expected but the bed was quite small. I think this might be the smallest bed I've slept in since I moved out of my baby crib. A friend I met later in the day also said the bed was small because her legs hang off of it!

The room was equipped with a few hangers, a pillow and a blanket. There is a sink with a medicine cabinet mirror. My window looks out to the central court yard of this building.

Anyways, after unpacking a bit I was famished so I roamed around hoping to find food. I found breakfast served at Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins. It was a little confusing because I didn't realize viande on the menu meant bacon strips. Breakfast combos cost $2.50-$5.

I met a friend named Erica on my floor and we went to the nearby mall together. Turns out there are three malls in a row all within walking distance from the university.

At 5pm there was a small tour in and around the Lacerte building led in English by a Laval graduate. She showed us how to activate voice mail, unlock postal box, where the kitchen and laundry room are, and access to the underground tunnel.

Lacerte basement kitchen

Afterward a few new friends and I explored the campus in search of food. There doesn't seem to be a cafeteria near the residence buildings which was strange to me. We headed past the football field and baseball diamond to find a mall with some fast food.

 At 8pm there was another event for Explore participants to get together at the Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent. Juice boxes and chips were laid out and we all got to meet each other. There were no ice breaker games or anything, just normal mingling. So far I've talked to people from Calgary, Toronto, Nebraska, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Winnipeg.

Grand Salon
Looking forward to tomorrow but also a bit nervous because the French only rule will be enforced!
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  1. Thank you for writing this! I'm going to Explore this year and this post is very helpful! =)

    1. Thank you and hope you enjoy Explore as much as I did! :)