Saturday, 21 July 2012

Explore Day 21: White Water Rafting & Le Moulin à images

My day of activities started really early this morning at 7am when we boarded the bus for white water rafting! I was excited for it so I didn't mind the time. It was a 40 minute drive away from the university so I was able to rest a little before rafting.

On arrival we had to sign a form with our health condition and consent to risks. Then we got our wetsuits, booties, and helmet. I had to leave my camera in the change room. My camera (Canon Elph HS 300) has been working wonderfully for me during this trip but today I really wished that I still had my Fuji waterproof camera. The view from the river was so sharp and beautiful and the currents were adventurous.

The trip took place in Jacques Cartier River. I was in a boat with 7 other people including the rafting guide. We had to repeat the commands by the guide and do the action immediately. There was a lot of team work involved and since today the water level was very low it was sometimes frustrating for the guide when we would get stuck in rocks. I found a photo online that looked very similar to some of the currents we experienced.

However, I couldn't find a photo of exactly how beautiful the scenery was. It was more sharp and clear than HDTV but of course since it was real life. I enjoyed the rafting trip especially since I've never tried before.

**Update: July 26, 2012
The girl who brought her waterproof camera to rafting finally uploaded her photos onto the Explore Facebook group! Now I have actual pictures from the trip to show :) 

My boat team member Kelsey and I
The picture below was of the really rocky part of the river where we always got stuck. The sky was definitely blue that day, not sure why the camera only caught a white sky.

**End of update

In the evening we went to the Vieux Quebec area to find food. Along a busy restaurant filled street, there was an undergarment store and on the second level were some male mannequins and a real male model in the store window! Quebec stores have creative advertising ideas.

Real man modelling garment!
We ended up grabbing a bite at a place called Snack Bar. I wasn't very hungry so I just purchased onion rings which were good but the portion was small.

Snack Bar

We also stopped by a chocolaterie which had a small chocolate museum. It smelled wonderful inside.

Chocolate clothing
Later in the evening we went to go watch a show called Le Moulin à images in Old Port Quebec. It boasted a screen the size of 25 IMAX screens. The show was 45 minutes long and included music, light and on screen effects.

Old Port view

Big screen in blue in the background
The show is good for tourists because it was basically Quebec's history in pictures and special effects. There were images from the founding of Canada to the founding of Université Laval to the Festival D'été in present time. It wasn't an extremely captivating show but it's worth a watch if you have time.
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