Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Explore Day 24: Musée de la Civilisation & Spiderman

Yikes I'm falling behind on my posts from all that is happening the last 2 weeks of class! So on July 24 I joined an activity to the Musée de la Civilisation near Old Port Québec. On our walk there we walked past a residential area that is supposed to be one of the oldest in Québec City and had many European designs like smaller doors.

As Explore students we got free entry into the museum. I visited this museum back in 2008 with a school tour group but we were rushed for time so I didn't get to explore many exhibitions.

The special exhibition for the summer focuses on Japan, especially the samurai and some manga. There were many pieces of samurai related items from weapons to protective wear. In other exhibitions there were also traditional robes and kimonos on display.

Another exhibition that I think is permanent in the museum is Radio-Canada. There were many telephones inside for tourists to lead self guided tours.

Overall, it was not a very large museum but it was nicely organized. A cool part was that many kids were given iPod touches to carry around the samurai exhibit to flip through information about different items with interactive cartoons and sounds.

In the evening we took a 30 minute bus ride to a Cineplex theatre. There is actually a theatre near our university but this one was showing The Dark Knight Rises in English so we made the trip there. Unfortunately it was sold out so we watched The Amazing Spiderman instead which I liked! There were many gags placed into the movie that weren't in the Toby McGuire Spiderman movies. Since I didn't get to watch Batman, I took a picture with the French poster instead.

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