Saturday, 28 July 2012

Explore Day 28: Valcartier Waterpark

It was another hot summer day perfect for going to a waterpark! We boarded the bus at 9:30am and arrived at Valcartier Vacances Waterpark about an hour later. There were a lot of people at the park today but the line up wasn't too bad.

Valcartier Waterpark
 We got our pink admission bracelets then we were free to enjoy the park until 3:45pm.

Valcartier Waterpark is one of the largest in Canada and the rides are more extreme than ones at Splashdown or Cultus Lake Waterparks back in BC.

In the picture below Turbo 6 is on the left and Les Spirales is on the right. I really liked both! Turbo 6 requires a mat and you slide down face first whereas Les Spirales uses buoys for people to flush down the slide. There was also a beach volleyball area.

My favourite slide was The Everest! The first portion of the ride was practically vertical and you lay stomach down on a mat to fall down the slide. It felt like a roller coaster without the sturdy safety bars. This was probably the most adventurous water slide I've ever been on.

The Everest
At 1:00pm we had lunch in the picnic area. The sun's rays were very strong in the afternoon. The bag of grapes on the table was almost hot by the end of our meal.

Left to right: Animateur Alex, Me, Linda, Tam
We spent many hours at the park but it went by very quickly! This is the last weekend activity of Explore and it definitely ended on a good note. Out of all the weekend activities I liked today and Cabane à Sucre the best because there was never a dull moment! :)

Shri, Farah, Nivedha and I met up for dinner. Shri and Farah went on a hike to Mont Ste. Anne and some people in their group had the chance to swim under a waterfall there! As in they swam behind the curtain of water which sounded very cool.

Many of the restaurants outside of the Old Quebec area were closed despite being a Saturday night. We stopped at two different places for quick bites. The first stop was for nachos which the four of us shared. The second stop was in Old Quebec at a creperie called Au Petit Coin Breton because Farah still hadn't had a crepe in Quebec yet.

The servers were dressed up on costume and the decor was old fashioned which fit well with Old Quebec. I ordered a fresh strawberry and ice cream crepe. Strawberries here are a lot more expensive than back in BC. It was a satisfying dessert but I prefer the Japanese crepes in Vancouver better because they're more moist.

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