Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Explore Day 30: Boat Cruise on St. Lawrence River

How do you take in the beautiful scenery of Quebec City all at once? You take a boat cruise down the St. Lawrence River! That was exactly what ~300 Explore students did yesterday, July 30, to celebrate the end of the program.

We took 5 or 6 school buses to the cruise terminal by Old Port Quebec. Everyone was dressed chic and the sun was blazing hot even at 7:00pm.

It was not a very large boat and there were other passengers that weren't Explore students. There was no meal or any snack food included for our tickets but I saw some passengers eating in the dining room.

One or two hours into the cruise the sun began setting and it was a beautiful sight. There was a dance floor on the deck of the boat and we all danced from daylight to sunset to the moonlight. I think the sunset is the most romantic time of the day.

Sunset on St. Lawrence River

The boat route was a great way to reflect upon our stay in Quebec. It passed by Vieux Quebec, Petit Champlain, Vieux Port, Levis, and the Montmorency Falls. These were all places that I visited the past 4 weeks and I got to see them all glow under the sunset then moonlight from the middle of the river.

Many Explore students, all the animateurs, and even some teachers were all aboard the boat. Looking at my pictures, the sunset is like the end of Explore but the moonlight shines on with our memories of this summer.

Moonlight on St. Lawrence River
The boat docked at 11:00pm and we took the school buses back to campus. The city looked gorgeous with its back lights and architecture.

Since there was no meal on the boat, we were all famished! So when we got back to campus the 7 of us (Tam, Linda, Jessica, Desiree, Kurtis, Ivan and I) walked to a 24 hour restaurant called Flash Café located at the mall next to the university. The decor looked like the set of a Grease movie.

I ordered an Espagnole Frittata which came with some fruit, potato wedges, toast and tea. Friends ordered poutines, pizza, spaghetti, and burgers. We all agreed that this comfort food meal was the perfect way to seal off the night. The cruise was the last paid activity of Explore, I am going to miss this.

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