Friday, 6 July 2012

Explore Day 4: Cabane à Sucre

Today was the first excursion of my five weeks of Explore and it was to Cabane à Sucre. We met at 4:30pm to board school buses toward the place. There was a large number of people so we had to use five school buses. It is in the suburbs south of Quebec City so the bus ride was around an hour long.

La Cabane Pierre is a maple syrup farm where they use maple sap from the trees to make syrup. We were told that it takes 4 hours to allow the "maple water" to evaporate to 1 litre of condensed syrup. 

After a mini tour of the production process, we went into the dining hall to enjoy dinner Quebecois style. It was a large log cabin style hall with wooden benches and tables. There was a stage at the front where two men played the violin/fiddle (not sure), harmonica and sang French country songs. 

All the food was made fresh including the bread, pickles, ketchup and of course maple syrup. There was a lot of food cooked in maple syrup. The meal started off with fresh bread and soup, then plates of sausages, ham, potatoes, eggs, meat pie, and beans.

To finish off there was coffee & tea and pancakes with maple syrup for dessert. It was a very filling meal :)

After dinner was dancing time! The musicians told us steps to line dancing and we followed the fast paced music. It sure was a work out!

At the very end, we made maple taffy outdoors with "snow." Since it is summer time there is no snow so they blended ice to allow the hot molten syrup to cool.

It was very delicious, sweet, sticky and soft. I've visited a Cabane à Sucre in 2008 before when I came to Quebec with a school tour. I remembered it being very fun last time so I was excited to join this activity this time around and it did not disappoint. It was a fun Quebecois country style evening :)

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