Sunday, 8 July 2012

Explore Day 6: Arbre-en-Arbre

This weekend was very short since today (Sunday) was the only day off as we had class on Saturday. I joined the Arbre-en-Arbre activity and boarded the bus with the others at 12:00pm. It was a 30 minute bus ride to Le Relais which is a ski resort in the winter and high ropes course in the summer.

It was beautiful weather today with extremely blue skies and warm sun but it was a bit windier up the mountain. There were 48 of us and we split into two groups to start the tree obstacle course.

Since the activity was in tall trees I couldn't take my camera since it would likely fall. That was unfortunate because I think there would've been some impressive photos. The course was pretty difficult, more difficult than the one I did at Strathcona Camp on Vancouver Island, and it took 2.5 hours.

I found some pictures online of the tree course. Although it is called high ropes, they're actually metal cords which hurt my hands a lot. There was a harness and helmet to wear but no belayer. We had to clip and unclip everything ourselves which made us entirely responsible for our safety.

The view from high up was spectacular and I actually wasn't nervous about the height at all. My nervousness came from the soreness of my hands and arms so I was afraid that I couldn't hold onto the metal cords firmly enough and accidently hurt myself. I got a few bruises as souvenirs at the end of the course but no major injury!

The other group also got to do the zip line but ours didn't because there was a small incident with someone who had to descend where there was no ladder hence holding up the group. Oh well, at least I've tried ziplining before. We returned to campus around 5:00pm.

All in all, it was another fun excursion led by les animateurs! I was talking to one of them (in French of course :)) while waiting on the course and he told me that he did the English version of the Explore program at Kwantlen in 2009. I didn't even know Kwantlen was involved with Explore.

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