Saturday, 20 April 2013

Happy 2013!

I haven't been away from social media or blogging, in fact I've been on those platforms more than ever, just not on my own.

Reflecting on my winter break it seemed short but filled with activities everyday. Personally I feel like winter breaks are the best times for reunions because the time is so short we are able to plan and meet up quickly whereas in the summer we take for granted the many number of days and realize it is the end of August already before we had a chance to meet up!

University friends reunion
I had 14 days of break in total and spent them in different places including three days in Portland and five days in Edmonton. Looking back on 2012, I think I've traveled (with flight layovers) to the most Canadian cities this year than any other year. From Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, to Edmonton.

I was in Edmonton for AIESEC Canada's National Congress 2013 and fortunately was able to meet up with Linda who is from Calgary. I always feel so lucky when timing turns out so perfectly because it was a rather spontaneous meeting since she just so happened to travel to Edmonton during the few days I was there.

Linda and I.
Honestly this winter break was majorly AIESEC related since I spent most of it doing AIESEC related things. That is what happens when you become more involved with the organization, it consumes your time in a good way. I loved meeting delegates from local chapters all across Canada of which some are from places outside of Canada. For example, my roommate is an exchange student from Germany who is studying in Laval University which happens to be the place I was studying at this summer! What a connected world.

National Congress 2013 Corporate Day. Delegates from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia
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