Thursday, 30 May 2013

Taiwan Day 19: Modern Toilet Cafe

Day Nineteen

Today's theme was all about waste. In the afternoon Hui Chee, Darm and I attended a lesson on Tamsui River's pollution and Taipei's water purification system. When I went to Tamsui on my first full day in Taiwan, I was disappointed in the discrepancy between the photos on tourist brochures and reality. The river was murky with litter and even had a slight stench. In today's lesson I found out that in the last 20 years, the Taipei government has already been cleansing out the waste in the Tamsui River since its height of pollution at the end of the 20th century.

Lecturer giving lesson
To complement the waste theme is the Modern Toilet Cafe! The absurdness of this restaurant has made this a must-eat place for tourists visiting Taipei and thus led to its cons. In general I had fun eating here, taking photographs and sitting on the toilet seats. Yet this will likely be the only time I visit this restaurant ever. Taiwan offers some of the best food and Modern Toilet Cafe is not up to par because its food is only mediocre at best. Also each person must order their own meal, meaning that if you are an un-hungry party of five you cannot order four meals to share.

Onto the fun parts of the restaurant! The tables are basins or bathtubs and seats are toilets with different toilet cover designs. The sink at the real bathroom is also a toilet o.o

Before coming here, I thought that I would find it slightly gross to eat out of the toilet themed bowls but it actually made no difference.

Chicken curry rice meal
Hui Chee and I
Darm and June
 The shaved ice was humongous but did not taste splendid. Like everything in the restaurant, it was simply fun to photograph. This truly is a restaurant where the camera "eats" (i.e. takes photos) of the food before the human and will shed a better light on its taste.

Strawberry ice cream and kiwi sauce shaved ice

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