Friday, 31 May 2013

Taiwan Day 20: Karaoke Night

Day Twenty

The beginning of my Taiwan trip was not so smooth because of expectation mismatch and I thought that I would just spend the rest of my time here tackling that problem. On my twentieth day here the problem is still not solved but I am enjoying my stay a lot more because I am meeting the right people. Not all Christians fit the friendly, kind stereotype and the same is with AIESECers but the nice ones are incredible and I'm thankful for meeting them because it has turned this trip to Taiwan around for me. I only have a little more than a month here and I know that it will be filled with memorable adventures!

In the evening Hui Chee, Darm and I went to an AIESEC event that is meant as a farewell party for outgoing exchange participants but us interns were also invited to interact with them.

AIESEC SCU members, EPs and interns
We had self introduction sessions and played ice breaker games to learn more about each other.

Of course we also ate! I bought a cheese, egg, tomato waffle sandwich and it tasted great :) The waffle was a bit too soft for my preference though.

After the event, a group of us decided to go sing karaoke. We stopped first at Party World in Ximending and I was surprised by its scope. The lobby looked exactly like a nice hotel complete with front desk and a chandelier. The place was full so we didn't sing here.

Party World at Ximending
We ended up going to a place behind the Red House at Ximending. Although I didn't know most of the songs, I had a great time listening and interacting with my new friends. While sitting there, I realized that when I leave that I would miss Taiwan more than I thought. The fact that Darm is going back to Thailand tomorrow due to visa problems doesn't help. Two friends leaving within three days!

Before we headed back to our homestay we had a quick snack at Family Mart. This is one of the things I like about Asia, the actual convenience of convenience stores. In Canada, only Tim Hortons or McDonald's would be open 24 hours and they don't offer all the different choices at a convenience store!

Family Mart
Something I've learnt: when things are going downhill, just be patient and your ride will turn upward again.

Take care,
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  1. really glad to know that even a lot of things aren't as your expectation,but u r still happy glad to know you,Olivia and Darm.u guys are the first party of trainees I know(I'm in OGX GIP)so sad two of you've gone.I like to read your blog cuz it's interesting to know how people from other countries to see Taiwan.Keep going,i'm waiting~:))) by Maggie Lei

  2. It looks like your experience turns out to end nicely, when we went to that karaoke place, my friend wanted to buy karaoke for himself. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to own the place.