Sunday, 19 May 2013

Taiwan Day 8: National Palace Museum

Day Eight

Taking the bus in Taipei takes some learning because you have to look at a sign above the driver's head to see if you pay when you get on the bus or when you get off. Unfortunately that sign is only written in Chinese so it won't help tourists.

A less than 10 minute bus ride from Shilin MRT market brought us to Gugong (National Palace Museum) where some of China's most precious artifacts are kept. Apparently when KMT went to Taiwan they brought lots of treasures with them, so Taiwan has more valuable treasures than the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The artifacts exhibition cost NT160 and was three floors. No photography was allowed and there were lots of people inside. The jade artifacts and snuff bottles were the most interesting to me with the amount of detail in each object.

By 3PM we went to Soochow University to meet for our internship training.

AIESECers from SCU, NUS, Carleton and UBC
When that was done, we took the MRT to Longshan station and went to the night market there for dinner. It was quite busy on this Sunday night. Unlike Shilin and Gongguan Night Markets which includes shopping and food, this Huahsi Night Market was all food.

The lu rou fan (braised pork rice) was surprisingly fatty since it is all pig fat layered on rice but it was delicious.

For dinner, we had tang shui (sweet soup) including peanut with biscuit and red bean with tang yuan. I've never tried this peanut with biscuit sweet soup before and it was good! The biscuit was soggy on the outside but the inside was still dry and sweet. The peanut part was not too overpowering either.

I took this picture because all the kids trying to catch fish were so cute! Night market entertainment.

That's all for today!

Take care,

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