Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Taiwan Day 3: Around Wanhua

Day Three

Today we stayed around the Wanhua area and went to several meetings concerning our project in the coming weeks. We started off our day eating breakfast in our homestay uncle's office which is located right under his house.

Then he brought us to the nearby high school to take a look around. There were lots of sports facilities including a swimming pool.

We got to meet the principal and one of the masters of the school. She works frequently with exchange students and told us about some activities that they plan for the students.

After the meeting we went to find a bank to exchange money and I took a photo of this part of the bank because there were sets of reading glasses available! This is such good servicing for those with  difficulty reading small words but forgot their own glasses.

For lunch we went to a noodle store and I didn't think a bowl of noodles with broth could taste this good but it did! The noodles I tried were hand cut and very smooth with a texture similar to udon but less dense.

We had night market food for dinner again, this time at Guang Zhou Street. There was an entire row of seafood stalls but surprisingly only one or two stalls that sold bubble tea.

We tried the famous stinky tofu and it wasn't as stinky as I expected! After a few bites you don't notice the stinkiness anymore.

That concludes my second day here.

Take care,

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