Saturday, 8 June 2013

Taiwan Day 28: Neiwan Suspension Bridge

Day Twenty Eight

Love seeing the beautiful blue sky even if it means the weather will be hot. Emily's house is only a ten minute walk from the seaside so we went there after lunch.

Walking to the seaside
On the way we stopped by her family's rice field. It was my first time in a rice field and the long grass looked so beautiful swaying in the wind.

Rice field!
Speaking of firsts, I took my first selfie picture with a dog. I actually have a fear of dogs but Emily's dog was so well trained and cute I slowly adapted. His fur is very soft, too.

Hello Coby!
There were food vendors setting up shop near the entrance to the beach. There were a few windsurfers there already but only one family because it was too sunny at noon time to be on the beach.

The wind was extremely strong by the seaside but felt nice and cooling while still keeping warm from the sun. I loved the feeling of nothingness beyond the sea.

Later in the day we went to Neiwan where there was an old street full of food vendors and a suspension bridge. 

Entrance to Neiwan old street
Walk toward suspension bridge
I didn't think the suspension bridge would move much but it actually did. It shook sideways instead of up and down like I expected. Although short, it was pretty fun to walk across.

Neiwan Suspension Bridge
The river under the bridge was a calm one and many people were playing in the riverbed to cool off.

Last stop of the day was at a mall called Big City where we ate dinner at the foodcourt before Hui Chee and I went to the bus station to go back to Taipei. Thank you again for showing us around Hsinchu and being superb hosts! I will definitely miss Hsinchu.

Take care,
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