Sunday, 9 June 2013

Taiwan Day 29: Wulai and Bitan

Day Twenty Nine

Our homestay uncle's son, Eason was kind enough to drive us to Wulai today. The area is less convenient to travel by bus so it was a good thing he could drive. Wulai is known for its aboriginal food and culture. Our first stop was the Wulai Waterfall which honestly looked less impressive in real life than the online photos.

Wulai Waterfall

The viewing point near the top of the waterfall had a small train back to the Wulai Old Street (NT50 each) so Hui Chee and I took that for fun while Eason drove back.

On the train

The Wulai Old Street wasn't long and mostly sold food. We tried the cold hot spring egg and wild boar weiner.

River next to Wulai Old Street
Hot spring egg
Saw this huge bbq pork laying in a beverage selling store which was weird!

Another food we tried was the bamboo rice. It was quite fun to open the bamboo stick to get the rice but the rice didn't have any fragrant aroma from the bamboo.

Bamboo rice
Lining up for the wild boar weiner was the longest I've waited at a food vendor but since everyone was patiently waiting it seemed worth it! It did taste aromatic and sweet but was too oily for my liking.

The old street is also home to the Atayal museum which teaches visitors about this aboriginal group including clothing, housing and tools.

After Wulai we went to the nearby Neidong National Forest Recreation Area. The trail signs said that it would take a 50 minute walk to reach the waterfall but it only took us 30 minutes. We were able to get quite close to it and the breeze felt so fresh.

In the area was also a suspension bridge which few people were walking on since no public bus seemed to pass by.

Last stop of the day was Bitan which is in New Taipei. There were a lot of people playing the peddle boats on the river under the suspension bridge.

Bitan Bridge
We hit many places today in a relatively short period of time but it wasn't too tiring since we were driven around :)

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