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Taiwan Day 33: Tainan, Anping, Kaohsiung

This is Day 2 of our trip down west of Taiwan. Read about the other days linked below!

3 Day West Taiwan Trip

Day 1

Taipei - Taichung - Sun Moon Lake - Taichung (Read here)

Day 2

Taichung - Tainan - Kaohsiung (Scroll down)

Day 3

Kaohsiung - Kenting - Kaohsiung - Taipei (Read here)

Note: Exchange rate used is CAD$1 to NT29.3

Trip Day 2

Waking up a little later than yesterday morning at 6:00am, Hui Chee and I got ready and were in the lobby for the included breakfast by 7:00am. The previous night when we checked in they asked when we would be eating breakfast and had it laid out for us by that exact time in the morning.

Complimentary breakfast
We took the morning train to Tainan and arrived before noon. Again we locked our bags at the storage of the train station then went to find the public bus that would take us to Anping.

Anping direction sign
Since it was past noon time, we went to find lunch and ate many different local delicacies offered in Anping! The main focus of the food stalls were shrimp crackers, oysters, milk nougat and coffin box.

Tofu pudding with pearls
Coffin box: crispy toast with chowder inside
Fried shrimp and oyster
After we filled our stomachs with energy we went to explore around Anping. On the way to the Anping Fort we passed by the Matsu Temple.

Matsu Temple
The Anping Fort required admission fee and I was able to get half price of NT25 (CAD$0.85) with my student card.

Anping Fort

Next we went to the Anping Treehouse which was another NT25 admission for students. I thought it was going to be a house up in the tree type of treehouse but turns out that it is a tree overgrown on top of a house.

Anping Treehouse
We had to get back to Tainan Train Station for our train to Kaohsiung so the treehouse was our last stop. The public bus came half an hour late but good thing we made it to the train! The train ride from Tainan to Kaohsiung was only an hour long.

Kaohsiung Station
Once we exited the station gates and stepped into Kaohsiung I felt like I was back in Taipei. From my first impression, I thought that Kaohsiung was a newer version of Taipei. Their metro station looked similar to the ones in Taipei, too! I suppose that I am just surprised because in Canada, cities that are on different sides of the country are not similar. Whereas in Taiwan, the big cities are similar looking.

Kaohsiung MRT
Single fair tickets
After we checked in to the hotel, we took the KMRT to the Liouhe Nightmarket which is the largest in Kaohsiung. It was only a street long, most of the food was fried and a few casinos were located on that street. I don't think this is a must-see nightmarket.

Liouhe Nightmarket

Originally we were going to walk from the nightmarket to Love River but it was a bit far to walk so we took KMRT to the stop nearest the river. From that stop it was still a 500m walk before we arrived. I didn't get any romantic vibes from the Love River. In fact, it felt dreary since it was raining.

Love River

3 Day West Taiwan Trip

Day 1

Taipei - Taichung - Sun Moon Lake - Taichung (Read here)

Day 3

Kaohsiung - Kenting - Kaohsiung - Taipei (Read here)

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  1. hi! great blog! which hotel/hostel did u stay in kaoshiung? any comments abt the hotel?

    1. hello! I stayed at the Sanduo hotel ( It's affordable, clean and included buffet breakfast :)

  2. great! now i get an idea what tainan is like...was scared it's a deserted place

  3. just want to say, love the blog and all the detailed info, especially the great pics :)

  4. Quite tough itinerary! Tainan is a quite nice place to hang out and has a more relaxed vibe than taipei :)

  5. Hi did you took HSR or train to Tainan from Taichung?