Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Taiwan Day 38: Du Xiao Yue at Dongmen

Day Thirty Eight

For most of the day I was busy in front of the computer editing a video. For a short video it took a lot longer than I expected but finally got it done! Check it out:

In the evening, Hui Chee and I went out with a new friend named Irene to Dongmen. Its MRT stop only opened last year and the streets were filled with fine eateries. I also noticed more foreigners in this area than other parts of Taipei. We tried a place called Du Xiao Yue (度小月) which serves Taiwanese delicacies.

At the entrance of Du Xiao Yue
Dan Zai noodles and meatball soup
My favourite was this vermicelli roll that looked like sushi! There was caviar, veggies, peach and pork floss inside.

Vermicelli roll
After dinner we walked around some more than sat down to enjoy some shaved ice :) Yummy! The taro tasted the best because it was so tender.

Eating shaved ice
I saw this Taiwan island cookie sold at a bakery in Dongmen. It looked cool to me because they even baked the ridges of the mountains onto the island!

Taiwan Island Cookie NT1200
Irene took us to a nightmarket in Taipei that we haven't been to yet called Le Hua Nightmarket near Dingxi MRT Station. There was plenty of food and some shops as well. It's a good sized market without being too crowded like Shilin but still has things to see and a good variety of food stalls.

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  1. The video is very professional! Good job!

  2. That vermicelli roll looks too good!