Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taiwan Day 40: Hua Jiang Wetlands

Day Forty

A little disbelief that it is already my fortieth day in Taiwan! Yesterday when we were with new friends, they asked us where we have been to in Taiwan and we started listing all of them. They were surprised at how many places we've been to, especially Taipei which we have been to all the popular spots. We even went to places that they have not been to despite growing up and living in Taiwan all their lives. Yet to us it seemed natural because we have been here for over a month already.

Hui Chee and I went to another environmental lesson today at the Hua Jiang Wetlands. To be honest, it was a lot less enjoyable than yesterday's lesson because it was two hours out in the summer heat and I felt uncomfortable surrounded by mosquitoes. To prevent getting bitten, I wore long sleeves and long pants which of course felt very hot in the humid weather. Sorry that I complain so much about mosquitoes but in a group of people I'm usually the only one they bite!

Hua Jiang Nature Park
We didn't walk far but the lesson was long because the teacher made frequent stops to look at plants, bugs and birds. The story I remembered most was that Chinese Emperors used to be buried with a silk worm because it seemed to come back to life from the dead out of its cocoon. Of course, no emperor ever came back to life even with that trick!

Environmental class
Also, this wetland like many others in Taiwan are not natural. They are man made and need maintenance every year to dig large pits for water so that the birds would return.

Hua Jiang Wetlands

After our lesson, Hui Chee and I walked around the Taipei Main Station area. Behind it there is an area called the Taipei Station Wholesale Market so we thought we could find good deals there. Turns out that almost all the clothing were for women much older than us so we didn't buy anything. 

We had dinner at a noodle place on the opposite side of Taipei Main Station and I tried this black sesame noodle. The aroma was fantastic and personally I really like black sesame so this was a great dish for me!

Black sesame noodles
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  1. LOLL I'm the same as you when it comes to the mosquito bites, I'm always the one that gets bit and they're always so big, swollen and bruised >_> Apparently it's because we have "exotic blood" LOL