Thursday, 27 June 2013

Taiwan Day 47: Revisiting Gongguan and NTU

Day Forty Seven

Finally caught up with my posts! In the morning my team for the camp project came over to our homestay's house to work on the camp rundown and to prepare our sessions. I left for a bit in the afternoon to meet Irene who reached out to me after reading my blog! We talked about internships and Canada which made me miss home a little.

Back at the house, we worked on the camp until 5:00pm then went to Gongguan to meet up with the others. I tried the famous supposedly best bubble tea in Taiwan (photo below) but it was only mediocre to me. The drink was too sweet and didn't taste like much.

"Best" bubble tea store
We walked around the National Taiwan University because it was only next door at Gongguan Night Market. Hui Chee and I visited before on Day 24. I think this is a sign that I've been in Taipei for too long because I'm visiting some places twice like NTU and Bitan Bridge two days ago.

At National Taiwan University
We enjoyed a yummy Korean dinner which was all you can eat. There was pancake, bibimbap, Korean rice cake, bbq and lots of banchan. Although not very authentic, the food was plentiful!

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