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Malaysia 5-Day Itinerary: Day Four and Five

5 Day Itinerary in Malaysia

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Street art in Penang

Georgetown destinations Day 4 and 5

Day 4

We rode a Unititi Express bus (RM 28) to Penang and it was another mediocre experience. The 8am trip didn't leave until 8:30am because the bus driver didn't arrive to work on time and the bus had the same air conditioning problem as Day 3. Though he did drive fast and we arrived at the Komtar bus terminal by 1pm.

At the Komtar bus terminal there is a stop for the free shuttle bus that took us to Lebuh Geraja where our hostel is. Look for a sign with a big 9 on it.

We stayed at Couji Couzi in a double room with air conditioning and shared bathroom. The room and shower were pretty clean though the sink was not. However, within the first 5 minutes of arriving I got 4 mosquito bites on my leg. In addition, there was a window along the bottom of one wall that had no glass and was only covered by a curtain and wooden shutters with large gaps. Needless to say, that is where the mosquitoes kept entering all night. As well, the not enclosed window made the room noisy because the traffic sound from the street was not filtered at all.

After dropping our things off and armed with a map taken from the hostel, we proceeded to walk around to find street art. Most were located on Armenian street so we walked down that street to find street art while heading in the direction of the clan jetties.

Clan jetties

It was very hot and sunny in Georgetown so it is probably good to have a plan of where you want to walk before heading out. We got pretty tired from "aimless" wandering while looking for the street art without exact directions.

Street Art Slideshow

We took a break at Toh Soon Cafe which I've seen on TV before. It is located in a side alley of Lebuh Campbell. I got a kaya toast and ice Milo. The toast was burnt in fire and not in an electric toaster.

Toh Soon Cafe

In the evening we took the shuttle again to New Lane where there were many food stalls lined up like the night market. I tried a seafood char kway kok (RM 5), a guava juice (RM 2.5) and ais kacang (RM 4).

Day 5

We went back to Toh Soon for brunch because the dim sum place we wanted to go to was closed. Then we walked to the Eastern and Oriental hotel which had a beautiful sea view behind the building.

View behind Eastern and Oriental hotel

We were at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion by 1:30pm for the tour (RM 12). Cheong Fatt Tze is known as the first capitalist of China and was very rich but his mansion was dilapidated until the 1990s when an architect bought it and began repairments. The tour was an hour long and only went to a courtyard and two rooms but I enjoyed it because the tour guide was entertaining. His own mother used to live in the mansion when the 38 rooms were rented out after Cheong Fatt Tze died.

After the tour we walked to the ferry terminal area to see the view and to find more street art. The Brother and Sister on a Swing is my favourite!

Interactive street art

To get to the Penang Airport we took bus 401 in lane 5 at the Komtar bus terminal. It cost RM 2.70 and got us there in exactly an hour. There is no set schedule for the bus so you just have to wait at the terminal for the next one. You can also take 102 and 401E which all come in 20-30 minute intervals.

That's the end of our Malaysia trip!

Read Day 1 here - Malacca
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Read Day 3 here - Cameron Highlands
Read Day 4 and 5 here - Georgetown, Penang
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